The license to supply pipe fittings and valves for nuclear power plants in Ukraine


For the first time a "SouzEnergo" product received safety assessment and license to supply pipe fittings and valves for nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

Manufacturing Company of "SouzEnergo" Concern - the LLC "SOUZENERGOMASH" obtained an assessment of compliance with safety requirements for serially manufactured wedge valves with retractable drive shaft TU U 28.1 - 31965106-024: 2014 (DN 200; 250; 300; 350; 400; 500; 600) PN 16-40 accompanied with a license to supply them to nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

Fittings produced by the LLC "SouzEnergomash" meet technical regulations of the pressure equipment safety requirements, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 19.01.2011, №35, and DSTU EN 19: 2009, DSTU EN 12226 -1: 2009 standards.

Purpose and scope:
Gate valves are designed for installation in piping systems of nuclear power plants as shut-off elements.

Validity term of the design type examination certificate № UA-YT.СПТ.150917.01: from 17.09.2015 till 16.09.2018.

Main technical specifications of the equipment for evaluation and certification:
• Nominal diameter DN = 250mm
• Design pressure Pp = 25 kg/cm2
• Working medium temperature - ≤ 250 ° C
• Working medium: steam, process water, nitrogen, oil, distillate
• Body material: Ст20 steel grade
• Actuator: flywheel
• Gate tightness class according to GOST 9544-1
• Class and group: 3СIIIв
• Working environment Group: 1
• Equipment class: III

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