Our products are manufactured according to the customer requirements and applicable operating standards, regulations and directives of Ukraine, CIS countries and the EU.

Product quality is ensured by the technological capabilities of the equipment, highly qualified personnel, multistage process control, which is confirmed by a standardized certificate or a registration certificate of the standardized type. The manufacture is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and is fully compliant with national and international standards. Implemented internal quality control system assures compliance of products with the requirements of DSTU, DSTU GOST, GOST, OST, TU U, PNAEG, RD.

We have combined our best technology, expertise and experience of our employees in order to keep pace with the times and to carry out task of any complexity degree in such fields as:

- Forming;
- Machining;
- Welding and weldup;
- Heat treatment;
- Product laboratory testing;
- Product assembly and testing;
- Engineering services.

Forming operations are carried out with presses and forging equipment using preheated in the heating furnace billets.

Machining is performed in metal-working centers with numerical control as well as with specialized and universal equipment of different purposes: boring, revolving, turning, milling, drilling machines. Sheet metal is processed with rolling presses of different capacities.

The company has procurement department provided with plasma cutting machine, guillotines, shears, saws and flanging machines.

Pipes are processed with benders, in preheated by induction or cold state, and a fin forming machine. Welding and weldup are performed using build-up machines, fully- and semi-automatic welding machines.

High product quality, timely order execution, pre-sale preparation of the products and convenient delivery logistics are integral parts of our customer services.

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