One of the «SouzEnergo» Concern activities is a nuclear instrument engineering, which is carried out by SPC "Spectrum".

SPC "Spectrum" was founded in 1988 by a group of researchers of the Nuclear Research Institute of NAS of Ukraine, who had been engaged in the instrument engineering problems of nuclear radiation registration of for decades.

SPC "Spectrum" has been successfully cooperating for many years with all the nuclear power plants of Ukraine in the development, manufacture and supply of gamma and beta spectrometers, as well as the repair of electronic equipment, which is a part of the spectrometric channel, including expensive semiconductor detectors of any manufacturer.

The gamma and beta spectrometers are equipped with shielded chambers of the original design, developed and manufactured by the Concern. Those spectrometers have successfully passed state tests and are included in the State Register of Ukraine. Equipment manufactured by the «SouzEnergo» Concern is being supplied to Japan where it is used to implement the safety measures at the "Fukushima-1" nuclear power plant.

 Offered products and services include:

- Stationary and portable gamma- and beta-spectrometer systems, supplied with a semiconductor detector or a scintillation detector;

- Direct mass fraction measurement devices for quantitative chemical analysis of alloys;

- Spectrometer control and spectra processing software;

- Repair of semiconductor detectors, spectrometric amplifiers and other electronic equipment, which is part of the spectrometric channel.

High consumer quality of the analyzers are proofed with consumer reviews and various exhibition diplomas. All supplied products are provided with warranty and post-warranty service.

Experts of SPC "Spectrum" are carrying out commissioning of all supplied equipment directly in the consumer’s workplace. The operating personnel receives full training according to the individual courses.

Stationary gamma radiation spectrometer (single-channel) SEG-50 (Ge).

Single-channel gamma spectrometric complex SEG-50 (P), complete with a detector made of high purity germanium (HP-Ge) is designed for precision measurement and research in nuclear spectroscopy studies in specialized laboratories. The complex allows to accurately determine the volumetric and specific activity of gamma emitting nuclides in the energy range of 40 keV to 10 000 keV.

Stationary gamma spectrometers SEG-50 (Cs).

Single-channel gamma spectrometer installation SEG-50 (Cs), equipped with a scintillation detector based on the crystal Nal (TI), is designed to determine the specific activity of gamma emitting radionuclides in water, food, soil and building materials samples with a low content of radionuclides.

Stationary single-channel beta spectrometer SEB-50 (phoswich).

Single-channel spectrometer beta SEB-50 (phoswich) is designed for determination of 90Sr isotope β activity with the background of 40K and 137Cs in a concentrated sample. As a result of 90Sr β-decay (T1/2 = 28,74 years, Emax = 546,2 keV) the 90Y β-active nuclide (T1/2 = 64,10h, Emax = 2281,5 keV) is formed the emission spectrum of which gives basic information about the activity of 90Sr.

Portable gamma spectrometer MIG-051.

Portable gamma spectrometer equipped with a scintillation detector based on NaI crystal (Tl), it is designed to determine the specific activity of gamma-emitting nuclides in bulk samples (such as construction materials - sand, slag, breakstone, timber and in food products - cereals, beans, vegetables, fruits ,seafood, etc.).

MIG-053 - compact gamma-ray spectrometer for the analysis of food and construction materials.

Compact gamma spectrometer MIG-053 is designed to determine the specific activity of gamma radionuclides of natural origin (K-40, Th-Nat, Ra-Nat), as well as induces radionuclides (134Cs, 137Cs, 60Co, etc.) in food products, samples of soil and building materials. Small size and weight allow it to be installed directly on the desktop.

The device operation does not require any special training. The software not only detects the presence of radionuclides and their activity, but compares it with the data of health regulatory framework of Ukraine for each type of food product. In the case of building materials, the software automatically rates the material to one of the radiation classes according to sanitary regulations.

This device is the ideal solution for the food markets, supermarkets, restaurants, construction companies, and even residential use. It can be used in and sanitary and veterinary medical laboratories, research and educational labs and even in the classrooms of physics and chemistry.

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