Vitaly Nickolayevich Priymak was born on July 29, 1968, in the town of Novomoskovsk, Ukraine.

His family often moved from one place to another as his father was a military officer. He got his primary and secondary education in Apatity, Murmansk Region in Russia Federation. From childhood, he was very curious, attentive and a reader.

In 1986 he began to work at the Industrial Group Apatity. It was the first company; he worked not long there because the same year he was drafted into the army. After the field service, Vitaly Nickolayevich was a newsman, worked for a couple of enterprises in Murmansk Region.

In 1993 he returned to Novomoskovsk where he had met his future wife and settled down. Apart from infatuation with science and psychology he ventured almost into every line of activity, progressed as personality and felt encouraged by new projects. Curiosity and greed for knowledge motivated him to challenge business. He took chances but was always steadfast in purposes. Self-discipline, self-education, oratorical, with a huge volume of information and as a result skill to use his managerial qualities and control the process - it indicated mindfulness, the diplomatic and sociable character of the Strategist and Tactician.

Vitaly Nickolayevich could literally spark the ideas by setting short and long-term challenges, expertly analyzed the situation and foresaw scenarios. He was a person of inexhaustible energy, capable to generate new directions and what equally important could highlight the key points in daily life. Having a lot of fascinating hobbies taken up by people around him, he attracted to the orbit of cooperation teammates, soul mates, and thus routine acquaintances developed into friendship and partnership.

It happened this way with the business relationship. Work-related issues transformed into partnership; it was the beginning of Concern. In 1996 the first company Souzproduct was established, the core business activity was to sell and supply valves. Together with a friend and a partner Karpenko Sergii Anatolyevich’s outside-the-box thinking to run business was instrumental for the company within the short term to become a mature manufacturer of valves and power equipment. Further, the design and engineering department, several industrial sites and representative offices in Ukraine, Russian and Kazakhstan were joined together; and the company changed the name for Concern SouzEnergo.

Also during the period 2000-2014 Vitaly Nickolayevich got several high educations in the field of business management and corporate governance but it didn’t stop him in his researches and discoveries. As a very enlightened man of solid sense who looked to the future, he understood the importance of being environmentally responsible. With a hope to diminish the technological environmental impact, in 2008 he established a company to recycle and treat glass cullet using it as a recyclable material to manufacture glass.

Company Utility was the apple of Vitaly Nickolayevich’s eye.

In this company, he was the first among CIS-countries to implement innovative European technologies to recycle and treat recycled glass and realized an integrated approach to work with cullet: assembly, further recycling and sales of treated cullet directly to the plants.

The mission of the company was the synergy of environmental benefit and economic profitability. Vitaly Nickolayevich participated in the education of the young generation to safe environmental assets and recycle processed materials.

The innovative approach, thinking outside the box, charismatic leader beyond belief, a gift to carry people with mutually beneficial partnerships is not the entire list of magic touches of Vitaly Nickolayevich. Not indifferent and pragmatic at the same time, creative and logical, he was and still is an example for many others. Impact of his personality could be felt in the atmosphere among the staff members and environment: uplift, determination for active efforts and onward progress.

With a mystic intuition, he had a special attitude towards life and what is more important kindness with people. Always sympathetic to people problems, creative and altruistic, noble, that is expressed in the ways to achieve tasks in hand. Charity of Concern focused on veterans and people in complicated situations.

A person with a long path of life, he made a great practical contribution to develop national manufacture, enfranchised many ideas, undertakings and projects, Vitaly Nickolayevich passed away on May 3, 2016.

In him, we lost a creative and enthusiastic person, a wise leader and a real friend. But today his ideas and endeavors continue to live in the companies he had supervised.

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