The mission of the «SouzEnergo» Concern is manufacture and supply of high-quality products, provision of services based on our own design and manufacturing capacities, advanced scientific and technological achievements and the global engineering experience.

A fundamental principle of our work is determination and understanding the needs and expectations of the consumers.

Our business philosophy is mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.

The activity of our company is carried out through a system of interrelated processes, aimed at continuous improvement of the quality management system with a mandatory provision and confirmation of products compliance to legislative and regulatory certification and safety requirements.

A quality management system has been implemented and certified within the "SouzEnergo" Concern. The system is now successfully operating for customer satisfaction and delivery of quality products.

The "SouzEnergo" Concern is a supplier of SOE "NAEC" Energoatom" and has all the technical possibilities for manufacturing and assuring the quality of equipment supplied to nuclear power plants.

Satisfaction of consumers requests by meeting all the requirements for the production, design and development of new equipment, compliance with technical conditions and quality process management have become the basis of the of «SouzEnergo» business philosophy.

Managers of the «SouzEnergo» Concern constantly carry out activities related to the business processes and effective functioning of the quality management system according to the applicable international standards.

To carry out measurements and quality control there are certified laboratories functioning at all the production facilities of «SouzEnergo» Concern.

We perform measurements during the following control and test types:

- Incoming inspection of materials, components and equipment;
- Visual and measurement control;
- Capillary testing;
- Radiographic testing;
- Ultrasonic testing;
- Magnetic particle inspection;
- Mechanical tests;
- Metallographic examinations;
- Intergranular corrosion resistance tests;
- Steeloscopic tests;
- Tightness test;
- Spectral analysis;
- Chemical analysis;
- Determination of material hardness.

All products are certified and supplied with the declarations of conformity and certificates of conformity according to the applicable technical regulations on safety and the European directives.

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