"SouzEnergo" Concern completed implementation of the large-scale project for JSC "Farg'onaazot"


In August "SouzEnergo" Concern completed implementation of large-scale heat recovery system re-equipment project at the primary reforming section of ammonia production facility AM-76 for the JSC "Farg'onaazot" (Uzbekistan).

The Concern has been engaged in the project starting with the development of technical documentation to the commissioning of manufactured equipment.

The main goal of the project was to reduce the specific consumption of natural gas in the technological processes due to avoiding of permanent operation of the natural gas fire heater. The goal was achieved with the development and manufacture of new heat exchangers, in particular coil heaters and placing them in the coldest part of the primary reforming furnace convection zone. The
process natural gas is heated with the reforming flue gas, that has an excessive heat, thus providing deeper heat recovery of flue gases and reducing their venting temperature from 275 to 245 ° C.

Production and delivery:
To achieve the optimal thermal performance of the reforming furnace operated with additional natural gas heaters a new "hot" section heater design was developed, taking into account high temperature of flue gas entering the "hot" section (498 °C). The "hot" to "cold" working surface ratio of the natural gas heater should provide a stable temperature for desulfurization and reforming by automatically maintaining the gas temperature before the desulphurization. That is achieved by means of passing some part of natural gas
by the "cold" section directly to the "hot" section.
Based on the process conditions, both heater sections were made of finned tubes Ø57х4 mm with spiral fins made of steel tape 16 mm wide and 1.0 mm thick, with a winding pitch of 4.5 mm. Tubes are staggered with 100 mm cross pitch and 130 mm height pitch. Number of tubes in a row - 32 (16-filar coil). Designs of the "hot" and "cold" gas heater sections are the same.

• Pipe Material - Ст20 steel grade.
• Heat exchange surface of the "hot" and "cold" sections -1736 m2.
• Each section is placed in a framework for more structural rigidity.
• Frame material of the "hot" section is 08Х13 stainless steel that ensures structural stability at higher flue gas temperatures up to 520 °C.
• Frame material of the "cold" section - Ст3 steel grade.

Contract supervision was carried out under the guidance of the "SouzEnergo" technical experts. All the delivered equipment was made entirely on the Group's own production facilities.

JSC «Farg'onaazot» (Ferghana) is a leading manufacturer of chemical products in Uzbekistan. The company’s main products are: liquid ammonia of technical grade, granulated carbamide, granulated ammonium nitrate, crystalline sodium chlorate, chlorate-magnesium defoliant (liquid), cellulose diacetate.

"SouzEnergo" Concern is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer and vendor of pipeline fittings and valves, thermal power and gas cleaning equipment. The concern exports own products to more than 30 countries via a network of sales offices, including those in Russia and Kazakhstan.

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