We offer pipelines and pipeline elements

- Pipelines and pipeline elements made of pearlitic and austenitic steel grades including:
- Straight sections;
- Taps;
- T-branches;
- Adapters;
- Supports and suspensions, including those of spring type;
- Compensating pieces for pipelines of various types;
- Units with diaphragms, nozzle units.

Boilers, spare parts and components for boilers

- Industrial water boilers of up to 20 MW thermal capacity, complete sets;
- Water heaters of KVGM (PTVM) series within the volume of the main mounting blocks;
- Steam boilers of: DKVA- 10-23 (39) type; TP-35, TP-20, B-35-40, K-35-40 types; BKZ-75-39, E-5-40 types;
- Heat-recovery boilers of KU-125, SC-80, US-2, KUP- 240, D-420 types;
- Boiler drums and pressure vessels (working pressure 4.0 MPa);
- Boiler heating surfaces (screens, water economizers, superheaters, air heaters, collectors, steam coolers) with a productivity of 630 t/h, or up to 2500 t/h for the direct-flow design;
- Steam heaters for heating networks, heat exchangers of various types;
- LDPE, HDPE and MDPE spirals of all types;
- Spare parts for draughting equipment and centrifugal pumps;
- Processing equipment, gas cleaning and tank equipment;
- Heating surface pins;
- Scaffolds for installation works.

Dynamic power engineering equipment

- Wheels for smoke exhausters;
- Mill exhausters;
- Hot blast fans.

Spare parts for smoke exhausters and fans

Blades of different impellers, vanes of straightening machines, straightening machines flaps, fore parts, vane, cast and forged hubs (centers), rotors, shells.

Liner bolts

- М20÷М42 liner bolts with nuts for mounting of ball mill lining, up to 300 mm long, made of steel 3 or steel 20 grade.

Products made of finned tube

- Tubes of pearlitic and austenitic steels, of 18 - 89 mm diameter, up to 11 m long, fin pitch of 4 to 10 mm, fin height 8-25 mm.

Tanks, reservoirs, containers

Any dimensions according to the specifications and drawings of the customer.


- Installation, repair and improvement of steel structures and tubular boiler parts, heat-recovery boilers, self-contained stem superheaters and economizers, centrifugal pumps;
- Installation, repair and reconstruction of steam and hot water boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers;
- Precommissioning of steam and hot water boilers, waste heat boilers, steam and hot water pipelines, and steam and gas turbines running on different fuels;
- Rebuilding and modernization of cooling towers implementing an ejection cooling technology;
- Industrial construction.

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