Primary piping elements

The primary piping elements include steel pipes, connecting elements (flanges, pipe bends, pipe elbows, tees), stop and shut-off-and-regulating valves (slide gates and valves), drain devices, expansion joints, supporting structures and parts, hangers and fastening elements, thermal insulation. The «SouzEnergo» Concern offers manufacturing all those high-quality components within terms convenient for the customer.


• Straight pipe section is part of the process pipeline of uniform material, in which the medium is transported at a constant pressure and temperature. Along the whole strait pipe section should be used fittings, flanges, elbows, tees and adapters of the same internal diameter (port area).

Pipe bends of any bend radius larger than 1,5 diameters, made of up to 630mm pipes with up to 70mm thick walls of pearlite and austenitic steels.

D - outer diameter of the outlet;
S - pipe wall thickness;
R - bend radius;
à - bending angle (rotation angle of the center line);
A, B - length of straight sections.
Each shipped by the company pipe bend is accompanied with a quality certificate (certificate of manufacture of the pipe bend).

Adapting pipes are pipeline fittings connecting two pipes of different diameters.

• Tees (T-pipes) are connecting piping elements used to attach additional branches to the main pipe.

There are adapting and flush joint tees. Flush joint tees are used in case both the main and branch pipes diameters are the same; adapting tees are required in case those diameters are different.

• Supports are used to protect the pipe from damage in contact with the supporting structure and to retain a pipeline in required design position. The supports are divided into fixed and movable ones.

• Hangers are used to mount stationary piping, load perception and compensation of thermal expansions in the pipelines. Our company supplies the following types of pipeline hangers: clamp hangers, welded hangers, spring hangers. The hanger may consist of one or more chains (which is a set of serially connected components and
assembly units used to transmit pipeline weight to building structure), it can also be combined, that is consist of one or two chains splitting into two or four chains. Structural elements form mechanically assembled hanger chain without the use of welding.
Hanger type is determined by the pipe mounting assembly and the hanger chain design. Based on design of the pipe mounting assembly the hangers are divided into the following types :
- Clamp pipeline hangers
- Clamp crossbar hangers
- Clamp hangers mounted on a support beam
- Spring clamp hangers mounted on a support beam
- Hangers welded to a support beam with eyelets
- Spring hangers welded on a support beam
- Clamp assemblies for vertical pipelines

• Expansion joints (of lens and gland types) protect piping and fittings installed on them from tension due to thermal expansion, contraction or deformation.

Diaphragm unit and nozzle unit are used to create a pressure drop while measuring the medium flow by differential pressure technique.

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