Heat-exchange equipment

At the present time "SouzEnergo" Concern manufactures the following high and low pressure heatexchange equipment at own production facilities:
• Steam coolers;
• Low pressure heaters (LPH);
• Fuel oil heaters;
• High-pressure heaters (HPH);
• Water coolers;
• Heating-system water heaters;
• Surface type evaporators;
• Steam Converters;
• Water to water heat exchangers;
• Steam to water heaters.

Steam cooler is a welded chamber type apparatus installed in a horizontal position. A steam cooler has a single water chamber with two adjacent horizontally arranged housings.

Low pressure heaters are used for regenerative heating-system water heating by cooling and condensing of steam withdrawn from intermediate cascades of turbo-installations.

Water cooler is used to cool water in a closed loop water cooling system of turbogenerator stator in K-800 turbo-installations.

Heating-system water heaters are designed for heating-system water heating with heating steam from turbines or with boiler steam from heating systems.

High-pressure heaters are used to heat boiler feedwater by cooling and condensing the steam forwarded to HPH from unregulated turbine bleeds.

Water to water heat exchangers are designed to heat chemically treated water using the heat of boiler bleed water at thermal power plants and boiler installations.

Steam to water heaters are designed to heat chemically treated water using heat of the heating steam of thermal power plants and boiler installations. Heat exchangers and heaters can also be used to heat water at heat distribution points (room heating, water heating for swimming pools, showers, etc.).

Fuel oil heaters are used to preheat fuel oil prior to feed to the boiler burners.

We are also offering:
• Heating surfaces for starter boilers used in large-scale ammonia production;
• Built-in heat exchangers for ammonia and methanol synthesis towers;
• Coils (spirals) for LPH, HPH of all types.

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