Thermal power plant auxiliary equipment


Smoke exhaust impellers and spare parts impellers (from ДО-15 to ДО-31,5; ГД-20-500У; ГД-25; ГД-26Х2; ГД-31; ДРГ13,5; ДРГ15,5; ДРГ 19,5; МВ of all sizes), and smoke exhauster spare parts: blades for various impellers, straightener blades, guide vane flaps, fore parts, impellers, cast hubs, pressed-out hubs, rotors, shells, as well we perform wheel grooving and balancing using a certified equipment.

Tanks and reservoirs of all sizes according to the customer’s requirements and/or drawings.
"SouzEnergo" manufactures capacitive equipment (tanks, reservoirs, containers) in various versions for storage of diverse media.

Water economizers are used to preheat feedwater entering a boiler. Water economizers can increase efficiency of a system with steam and hot water boilers by utilizing the heat of exhaust gases, which is the perfect solution to make boiler installations more energy efficient and usable, helping to significantly improve operation of the enterprise.

Boiler economizer is a boiler system assembly are used to preheat the feedwater utilizing the heat of exhaust gases from the boiler furnace. Most often water economizers are made of tubes bent in vertical coils and arranged in packets. For ease of maintenance and repair the economizer surface is divided into up to 1 meter high packets, divided by 65-80 cm gaps, as a rule the economizer tubes are staggered, as inline arrangement is unfavorable for the heat transfer. At power plants the feedwater entering the boiler is preheated to 215-270 °C in a regenerative cycle, due to the bleeding of steam from the turbine, that reduces surface area of the economizer.

Separators and expanders (flash steam vessels). Separators and expanders of continuous and periodic blowdown are used for separation of steam and water from the steam-water mixture generated from the boiler bleed water, condensate from steam receivers, steam lines drainage, while reducing its pressure to a pressure in the separator (expander), followed by utilization of the steam and water heat. Separators and expanders can be used in systems with condensate collectors in order to reduce the steam consumption and heat loss with the vented steam-condensate mixture. Extenders are equipped with the simplest separation device, which is a tangential condensate inlet (bleed water inlet). In addition to the tangential condensate inlet (bleed water inlet) separators have vertical drop catching louver to dry the flash steam.

The separator is an all-welded vertical cylindrical vessel which consists of a body with welded elliptical bottom cover; top elliptical cover is connected to the body via flanged connector. There are 2 or 4 are supports welded to the middle body part for suspended mounting of the separator on supporting beams.
At the bottom of the body is located a receiving device consisting of two concentrically mounted shells and two tangentially welded to the housing branch pipes/ The device is adapted for receiving of tangentially supplied bleed water.
In the upper part of the body a drop catching device is bolted to the ring, the device consists of a set of specially bent blades and is designed to separate small droplets of water from the steam. Constant level of separated water is automatically maintained by a float level control, built into DN 150 branch at the bottom. To visually monitor level of separated water the separator is equipped with a water level indicator, which consists of valve type cranes and water gauge. To monitor operating pressure in the seam space of the separator (for separators СП-0,28-0,45; СП-0,7-0,6; СП-1,4-0,8; СП-1,5-0,8) there is a gauge with a measuring range of up to 1,6MPa (16 kgf/cm2) equipped with 3-way purge valve and a drain valve. Limiting the steam pressure within the permissible range (up to 7.5 kgf/cm2) is provided with a DN50 PN16 kg/cm2 full lift flanged safety valve equipped with removable spring of type I, operating at 7-13 kg / cm2 pressure. The valve actuation is set to 7.5 kgf/cm2. The upper part of the valve is closed by a hood with adjusting screw to set the spring to a predetermined pressure. No safety valve is provided with the separator SP-0.15-0.3 (operating pressure 0.06 MPa).
Separator receives steam-water mixture from the boiler, separates it into steam and water due to expansion and rotational flow in the intake of the separator. Final precipitation takes place in the intake. The full drying occurs in the separating device.

Heating-system water heaters to be installed in heating system and are designed to heat the system water with a turbine steam at thermal power plants, and with low pressure boiler steam in industrial and heating boiler installations. On request it is possible to manufacture heater pipe assemblies of alloy steel grades, heaters with the bottom flange connector or without the anchor ties. System water heater is a vertical shell-and-tube heat exchanger, the basic units of which are: housing, pipe system, top and bottom (floating) water chambers. The components are assembled by means of a flanged connection, providing the possibility of inspection and repair.

Continuous blowdown expanders are used to separate steam-water mixture into steam and water during the drum blowdown of low, medium and high pressure steam boilers, followed by recycling of heat of steam and water in the cycle. Expanders are used in order to reduce the steam consumption and heat loss with with the vented steam-water mixture. Continuous blowdown expander is a
vertical cylindrical vessel with flat or elliptical covers, a flattened supply pipe or a circular crosssection pipe and steam discharge pipes. Water level in the continuous blowdown expanders is maintained automatically by float regulator with a protective casing or an electronic regulator (at the customer's request). We are able to develop and produce continuous blowdown expanders on the basis of initial technical data provided by the customer.

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