"SouzEnergo" Concern produces valves and fittings of different purposes and sizes, heat-and-power equipment, boilers, industrial and technological equipment for metallurgy, nuclear and thermal power plants, chemical, oil and gas industries.
We offer you the list of our major products and services. We also manufacture pipe fittings and industrial machinery according to drawings and requirements of the customer, and we do develop design and technological documentation if demanded as well.


- General purpose industrial pipeline fittings;
- Power engineering pipeline fittings;
- Pipeline fittings for steel industry;
- Fittings for oil and gas industry;
- Fittings for nuclear power plants.

General purpose industrial pipeline fittings

- Steel wedge valves DN 50-1200 PN 16-25 kgf/cm2; DN 50-600 PN 40 kgf/cm2; DN 50-500 PN 63-80 kgf/cm2; DN 50-250 PN 160-250; DN 50-2600 PN 1-10 kgf/cm2;

- Check valves and sealing valves PN 100-1200 PN 16-160 kgf/cm2;

- Check valve gates DN 50 -1200 PN 16-80 kgf/cm2;

- Disk and sealing pivot gates DN 200-1600 PN 0,05-25 kgf/cm2;

- Cut-off valves.

Power industry pipeline fittings

- Cast wedge valves for water and steam DN 100-450 PN 40-380 kgf/cm2, t 280-560°C with electric, manual, bevel or cylindrical gear actuator types;

- Check valves for water and steam DN 6-80 PN 100-380 kgf/cm2, t 280-560°C with electric, manual, bevel or cylindrical gear actuator types;

- Pulse valves DN 20 and larger, PN 0,8 -42 kgf/cm2, t up to 450°C;

- Cast steel check valves DN 20-400 PN 100-380 kgf/cm2, t up to 560°C;

- Safety valves DN 125-400 PN 40-250 kgf/cm2, t up to 560°C;

- Control valves DN 10-350 PN 100-380 kgf/cm2, t up to 560°C;

- Steam coolers DN 50-1000 PN up to 250 kgf/cm2, t up to 560°C;

- Water level indicators DN 10-20 PN 25-155 kgf/cm2, t 450 °C.

Nuclear power engineering

Pipeline fittings made of pearlitic and austenitic steel grades, of the types and groups 2ВIIв, 2ВIIIв, 2ВIIIс, 3СIIIв, 3СIIIс according to ОТТ-87, meeting the requirements of PN AE G-7-008-89, which are manufactured in accordance with the regulatory guidelines set out in the PR-D.0.06.555-16, including:

- Pressed and welded shutters DN 50-800 PN 16 kgf/cm2; 25 kgf/cm2; 40 kgf/cm2;

- Pressed and welded shutters DN 150-250 PN 10 kgf/cm2;

- Pressed and welded shutters DN 400-600 PN 6 kgf/cm2;

- Pressed and welded shutters DN 800-1000 PN 4 kgf/cm2;

- Forged rotary gates DN 50-200 PN 25 kgf/cm2, 40 kgf/cm2;

- Back valves DN 200-800 PN 25 kgf/cm2,  40 kgf/cm2, 110 kgf/cm2;

- Pivot disk gates DN 150-1000 PN 10 kgf/cm2, 25 kgf/cm2.


- Production and kitting of pipeline fittings, elements of reducing units, reducing and cooling units, high-speed reducing and cooling systems according to the customer requirements;

- Complete supplies of fittings and fitting parts and components (spare parts, including sealants) and accessories;

- Development of engineering, design and technical documentation for revision, repair, testing, commissioning and operation of the valves. Technical expertise of fittings to determine the actual state and the rest service life of the key parts and components;

- Inspection, testing, repair and maintenance of valve actuators;

- Fabrication of original fitting units and parts;

- Valve testing;

- Improvement of the standard valves and components in accordance with new standards and quality requirements.

Each product is accompanied by a quality certificate of the manufacturer.

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